Monday, 7 September 2009

Debug your ASP.NET Application which is hosted on "Remote IIS Server"

A very nice article to read about how to debug an Application hosted on Remote IIS server by dear ABHIJIT JANA.

In this article ABHIJIT has explain all the aspect of debugging application like

1. Visual Studio Internal Debugger
2. Local IIS Debugging
3. Remote IIS Debugging

He has used nice figures and diagrams to explain the debugging skill.

Fig: Block Diagram for Remote debugging of ASP.NET Application with msvsmon

Few words from his Article:

The tool which is used to remote debugging of the ASP.Net application know as "Msvsmon.exe" . The Remote Debugging tool (Msvsmon.exe) is a small windows based application that Visual Studio 2005 uses for remote debugging. It has very simple UI which makes it very simple to setup and configure during remote debugging, Visual Studio 2005 runs on one computer and the Remote Debugging Tool runs on the remote computer along with the application you are debugging.

If we want to debug the application which is hosted on remote IIS, we have to start the msvsmon.exe to the remote server, and our development system is the debugger host where we will debug our code.

OverAll Summary Provided by through diagram as:

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