Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Let's customize Google to show previous searchs by Hitesh Sharma

while going through code project website i show one article published by Hitesh sharma.
which catches my eyes with his nice idea and explanation of the article.
here is little introduction:

Usually when I Google something there are a good amount of chances that I'll be googling the same thing again after a few days to recollect whatever I learned last time. So I run Internet Explorer and look into the history if I feel like hitting the search button again with the same keywords as I used last time to get the results I am looking for. This works great but one day I just wondered that why doesn't google shows recently searched text on its page, if it does so it will provide Googlers much ease. Certainly since I can't approach Google with the idea so I decided to customize google for my machine so that it may show me whatever I looked for last few times

you can visit this link to get the more details about the artile.

Let's customize Google to show previous searchs