Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Bath script to copy files from TFS to Shared Location

@echo off cls call "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\VC\vcvarsall.bat" echo Getting latest source code ... REM **************** Users Needs to Edit This Values *************** REM TFS Source location with out "$".User Needs to Change this set TFSDIR=Database/Products/NEO2_MC/2.7.18/DB/0 REM Share Common location..No Need to Change this. set TargetPath=\\\shared\BuildRelease\ApplicationSupport REM Locationa Apend with TargetPath./...User Needs to Change this set ShareLocation=/NEO2_MC/2.7.18/DB/0/ REM Local User WorkSpace Mapping. set BaseWorkSpaceLocal=D:\TFSTemp REM Provide TFS Location REM ********************************** tf workfold "$/%TFSDIR%" "%BaseWorkSpaceLocal%/%TFSDIR%" tf GET /FORCE /ALL /OVERWRITE /RECURSIVE "$/%TFSDIR%" :check ECHO Copying to Shared Location IF EXIST "%TargetPath%/%ShareLocation%" goto DeltShareLocation ECHO Copying the script at Shared location. goto copy :DeltShareLocation ECHO Location exist at shared path ECHO Deleting Script from shared location. to place new location. RMDIR /S /Q "%TargetPath%/%ShareLocation%" ECHO Copying the script at Shared location. goto copy :copy ECHO Copying the script at Shared location. xcopy /Y /E /F "%BaseWorkSpaceLocal%/%TFSDIR%/*" "%TargetPath%/%ShareLocation%" /I goto end :end ECHO ****** Copying to Shared Location: Done ****** ECHO ************************** ECHO COMPLETED ECHO ************************** ECHO Compile by: ALM- Application Life Cycle Managment ECHO ************************** PAUSE

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Error in Team Foundation Server: This item cannot be added because its destination path is cloaked.

This item cannot be added because its destination path is cloaked.

if you have stuck with this error while adding any folders/files to TFS, Then here is the solution
nicely explained by Blog Author: .

Snap Shot from his Post:

How to Fix the Cloaked Path Problem

As I mentioned above, a cloaked path simply means the parent directory is not recursively mapping folders.  We want to add a child folder map.  These two conditions are mutually exclusive.  To resolve the issue, simply change the parent map to be recursive: 
  1. In the Source Control Explorer window, right click the parent node -- the context menu appears
  2. Click the Remove Mapping... option in the context menu -- the Remove Mapping dialog appears
  3. Check the box labeled, Recursive
  4. Click the Change button -- a prompt appears, stating, "Newly mapped items will not be downloaded until you execute a get. Do you want to get $/[PARENT PATH] now?", where "[PARENT PATH]' is the path of the parent node
  5. Click the No button -- the prompt and Remove Mapping windows disappear, and then the Get window appears
  6. CAUTION: Use your best judgement here!  I decided to click the Cancel button in the Get progress window, to prevent mapping child objects
After changing the mapping of the parent to recursive, adding items should function normally.

Thank you so much Mike. for such a nice post.

Md. Jawed

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Enable Treat Warnings as Errors in TFS Build

Hi ,

Here you go with the settings so that the warning will get treated as error in Team Build(TFS 2010).

Provide below value for the section MSBuild Arguments(See screen shot)


And after that all the warnings would get treated as error J

VS2010 vs. SQL Assistant

Hi guys,

My VS2010, started acting VERY weird! Upon startup, it gave my mysterious errors like “Could not load module this and that”.

And when I tried to open a solution, it just “Stopped working”, asking me if I wanted to debug the program. Yeah right, let me just debug visual studio 

Anyways, I ran devenv.exe with the /log switch, and got a pretty sweet XML file. It pointed me to what errors did occur during startup.

I did a Google search, and stumbled across this one:

I realized that I just installed SQL Assistant, and guess what, I did not check the checkbox “ Integrate with Visual Studio 2010”. Just as the above link explains.

One guy at the forum, puts it down this way:

I found a solution. I installed SQL Assist with the the Visual Studio Addin checked, even though I don't want it.

Your installer is telling Visual Studio to load the Addin, even if you don't choose to install it.

Well, that’s what I did as well, and now it’s working.