Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Basic Interview Questions for Manual Testing By Saravanan on c-sharpcorner

Saravanan the author of above article on c-sharpcorner has nicely collected all the Basic Interview Questions of manual testing.

I would suggest the entire Manual tester to have a look or we should know all this basics of manual testing.

Below is the link of the article published by Saravanan on c-sharpcorner.

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Md. jawed

.NET Interview Questions complied by Scott Hanselman

While surfing net I came across a fantastic blog. Thought to share with all of you!!
The author of this blog nicely listed out all the Questions being asked in interview or rather Great .net Developers Should know.

So here is the link to get the list of questions from .Net.

Let me know your view about the questions!!
Md. jawed