Monday, 3 August 2009

Automatic Birthday scrap to your Orkut friends

This application would almost eliminate the human or user interaction to Orkut web site while sending Birthday Scarp to your Orkut friends.
Just copy this piece(wait for next blog for code) of code to your local folder. And click on .exe.
Not feeling to click on .exe :) then,
-> Go to control panel and add this application to Scheduled Tasks to run some predefined time.
And the predefined time this application would automatic run and will do the below mention steps. Even being in invisible mode :)

  1. The flow chart of this application is as below:-
    1. Open Internet explorer (optional).
    2. Go to Orkut website.
    3. Login with predefined credential.
    4. On successful login check that any friends birthday fall today.
    5. If yes. Click on leave scarp and leave a predefined birthday wishes to selected friend’s scrap book.
    6. Come back to home page.
    7. Check for the next friend birthday if his/her birthday fall today repeat steps 5 to 6.
    8. After above steps click on logout link.
    9. Logout from Orkut and close the browser.

I have developed this console application using C#, .net2.0.
And for interface with Orkut I used WATIN tool/framework 2.0.
Note: best part of this aaplication is that i m not asking your Orkut's details at all.cuz this code would be with you so,whenever you want you can stop it or run it :)
For this blog I have attached only video.
In next blog, I would like to publish the code with .exe and about the code description. Thanks!!!

My learning from this blog -: WATiN is not for Automation only. It can be used as API Interface .
Happy Orkuting :)


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Sandy said...

Nice to see this javed,will try to implement this, so that i also dont miss out on wishing my friends on their birthdays :)