Monday, 24 August 2009

Bugs Status Report From Digite Using WATiN

Web Application: Retrieve Bugs Status/Logged Defects from Digite Using WATiN.

Now onwards getting status of bugs from digite based on CR/WR wise and/or Date wise would not be more painful and time consuming .
even to get the status we don’t need access of digite :)
All this just a Button click away :)
For that we have developed a web application to access this application and generate reports based on following parameters:-
1. CR/WR wise logged bugged.
2. Bugged logged date wise.
Just clicked on button in that web application an email with report would be in your e-mail inbox .
We have hosted this web application at (Access from Aditi LAN only) location to get access from anywhere and by anyone :)

Fig 1. Web Application to generate report
Description and explanation of code is under progress...Hope shortly I will come back with code explanation and more description about above Application :)

Fig 2. Report sent through Email.



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