Tuesday, 16 August 2011

What ia dumb file and how to capture it.

A nice article to read about What is a dump, and how do I create one?

i found this while surfing..so thought to share with all of you!!


Using Visual studio you can capture the Dump file also.
make sure that under Debuge the Save Dump As menu item is added in visual atudio. if not then follow the below steps to add this menu item:

a. Select Tools -> Customize

b. Select the Commands tab

c. Select Debug from the Menu bar dropdown

d. Click Add Command...

e. Select Debug from the Categories list.

f. Find the Save Dump As entry in the Commands window.

g. Click OK (the Save Dump As... command is added to the top of the Debug menu).

h. Click Close

You can use the following steps to get a mini dump file:

1. Start Visual Studio.

2. Start another instance of VS.

3. In the second instance click Tools
Attach to Process...

4. In the list of processes locate devenv.exe.

5. Click Select... and explicitly choose 'Native' and 'Managed' code.

6. Click OK and OK to close Select dialog and Attach to Process dialog.

7. Go back to the first instance of VS and repro the crash\hang.

8. Upon the crash\hang, control should go to the second instance of VS.

9. In the second instance click Debug
Save Mini Dump (without heap).


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