Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tools To Validate Output\Get all dependencies objects From Store Procedure.

                                **********TALK 2 DB**************
I have developed an application/tool to get the output from a store procedure after connecting to the source and target storprocedure on a specific server.

Just you need to pass inputs parameter on UI and this will show all the output values generated by selected store procedure. Even you will get flexibility to get all the dependencies object names on particular selected store procedure name. These entire interfaces on UI itself.

Still i am working to come with full article or details.

Soon I will share an article with all of you.

To just give a glimpse of the application, i have added few snaps shot of tool.

"Talk2DB" that’s the name of this tool.
1. Main Window:

Main Window
  2. Connecting to DataBase
Connecting to DataBase
 3. Getting all the dependecies from Sp.
Getting all the dependecies from Sp.
4. Showing Out Put from Store procedure
Showing Out Put from Store procedure
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