Thursday, 12 January 2012

Enable Sound when Breakpoint is hit in Visual Studio 2010

It is really interesting and funny to let Visual studio make sound or give some signal that it hit break point.

So here is the tips to do the same. I have done this in windows 7 machine. Might be for other OS setting would be different.

First look at the below snap shot.

1. Go to Control Panel.
2. Click on Hardware and Sound. A different window appears.
3. On new popup window click on Change System sounds. A different pop window would appear, refer above snap shot.
4. Select sound tab and scroll down to Microsoft Visual Studio.
5. Select Break point Hit.
6. Now select your desired sound from Sounds drop down menu.
7. Click on Apply and then ok.

Now you are ready to hear the Hit sound, whenever visual studio would hit the breakpoint.

Happy Debugging.


Md. Jawed


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