Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Build Failed with an error as SGEN: Unable to generate a temporary class (result=1). SGEN: Internal compiler error (0xc00000fd) SGEN: Out of memory

One of the build were continuously failing with an error as

But in other hand the same build were getting succeeded on 32 bits Build agent machine.
Then we triggered the same build on our other 62 bits Build agent and we found that all 62 bits build agent are giving the same error while compiling this build.
And finally we came to this conclusion that the versioning of MSBUILD.exe which is creating an issue not the Build agent machine.
It means to run the same build with green we have to trigger the build on 62 bits build agent but force them to take 32 bits MSBuild.exe to run this Build.
To do this we have to perform this.
Edit Build Definition
Processes ->Advance-> MSBuild Platform-> X86.

MD. Jawed

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